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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Matt Hayes at The Sporting News likes the fact that "good guy" Nate Costa is getting a long deserved second chance.

I don't think we've seen the best of Costa. "A great story," Kelly said of Costa.

Want a reason to cheer for Oregon this fall when most probably wouldn't? Because good beats bad. Because Nate Costa is getting a second chance.

After Masoli was suspended, the team called a players-only meeting and hashed it all out. They were embarrassed by the off-field problems, insulted by the naysayers, inspired by the opportunity.

"We were very serious," Costa said, "and very determined to show this isn't who we are." Why wouldn't they be?

The Ducks lost one player. Let me say this again: Oregon lost one player of significance. "No one likes to be told they're not as good as the other guy," Costa said.

"The worst part of all this," Kelly said, "is the bad overshadows the good."

But good always wins in the end.

While I don't buy into the whole good guy/bad guy theme of Matt's story I am glad to see Costa get an opportunity to lead this team.

Ron Bellamy shares a feature story that appeared in the R-G yesterday, as the U of O eyes new football offices.

President Richard Lariviere confirmed Monday that the UO is having ongoing discussions with Nike co-founder Phil Knight, the chief donor for UO athletics, about constructing a new office building to house the UO football program.

Although the football building project is “still very much in the design and idea stages,” Lariviere said the university hopes to have more firm plans in hand by June 4.

Rob Moseley has a good story on the rebuilding of the defensive line by D line coach Jerry Azzinaro.

It’s understandable that Azzinaro isn’t overhyping his group at this point — he lost two starters, including team captain Will Tukuafu, plus a third member of the two-deep. The group of potential replacements has ample talent, but it’s light on experience.

“There’s no surprises,” Azzinaro said. “They’re a work in progress.”


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Dave said...

I'm with you Dadio...I think the good/bad thing, to that extreme/obvious level, is poor. Masoli isn't all bad, and Costa isn't all get over it already. Win the frickin' day.