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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley attended practice yesterday and said the receiving corps had the plays of the day.

Darron Thomas threw a long TD pass to Justin Hoffman, and earlier got some help from tight end Brian Teague, who made a nice catch over his shoulder. Nate Costa completed a nice deep ball to Brandon Williams, and during a clutch drill Costa hit Maehl in the corner of the end zone after escaping the pocket. Both Thomas and Costa broke into the secondary for long runs during the day.

Chris Courtney continues to offer the best (IMO) coverage of the action at each practice.

It seems as if senior quarterback Nate Costa distances himself (albeit slightly) from redshirt sophomore Darron Thomas. Costa continued his steady, even-keeled play through today, targeting a number receivers for big plays throughout practice.

Thomas' touch and accuracy on deep balls continues to impress and his tremendous athletic ability is the one significant advantage he has over Costa.

The star of Wednesday's practice had to be Maehl. The senior from Paradise, Calif. was electric from the get-go. Whether it was during 2-on-3 drills with the defensive backs, 7-on-7, or 11-on-11, Maehl couldn't be successfully stopped by opposing defensive backs.

DE Dion Jordan may be the player that has been most impressive in his new role on the team. "Dion Jordan has REALLY shown up right now," said Kelly.



Dave said...

When you hear that Costa's "steady Eddie" and Darron is more athletic, it's hard to imagine who they'll go with. It seems that Nate may be better now, but that his "peak" abilities are being witnessed, while Darron has much more room to grow and improve, putting his abilities past Nate's.

DuckStud said...

The athletic ability will be a huge advantage for Thomas but what about his football IQ? Not so sure he can make the snap desicions needed to succeed in the spread attack....