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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley keep us up to date with the latest happenings from practice yesterday.

Costa had a couple of really nice deep balls to Jeff Maehl and Jeremian Masoli. In the run game, LaMichael James burst through the middle and got past the defense for a long gain.

Chris Courtney adds his perspective on practice.

Nate Costa and Darron Thomas continue to duel for the position of starting quarterback...Costa seems to bring steady, consistent play and command to the position every day in practice. Costa was sharp once again today, putting the ball in the right spot for receivers with regularity...Thomas, overall, had a fairly average performance today. No glaring mistakes, but seemed more erratic and appeared to have difficulty working himself in to a rhythm.

Junior college transfer tight end, Brandon Williams, had a very good all-around day today. Every practice he seems to be a player that has rapidly improved from one day to the next. Today he caught virtually everything thrown his way, flashing very good strength and athleticism in battling for the football.


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Dave said...

This quarterback thing has me interested!