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Friday, December 31, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and John Hunt have your Thursday practice update.

Rob: The Ducks were back in the Moshofsky Center yesterday, and will be again today before breaking camp in Eugene. They'll have Saturday off and then travel to Arizona on Sunday before resuming bowl practices Monday.

John: “It was a little bit different, but we played at a really, really, really fast tempo,’’ Oregon coach Chip Kelly said.

Normally, a Thursday practice is more of a walk-through. The Ducks were not in full pads – after hitting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – but it was a full practice, Kelly said.

The first week of winter classes at the U of O begins on Monday and some very intense planning has had to take place so the Ducks don't miss any school work while in Arizona.

John Hunt caught up with Nick Aliotti yesterday who hadn't heard the news about LMJ. Aliotti's reaction, "awesome." They also chatted about all of the media attention, Aliotti will be glad when he actually gets to talk about "the game."

Rob Moseley notes that two players committed to the UO football team and one very prominent target of the Ducks' recruiting efforts made the 2010 all-state football team in Oregon.

The Oregonian would like you to meet their "Duck Fan of the Day," Greg Stoughton.

LB Spencer Paysinger says the defense will need to be ready for Auburn's surprise factor.

The Heisman Pundit, after learning of LMJ's return, has declared that the Oregon running back will be the preseason Heisman front-runner in 2011.

The Oregonian along with the Mobile Press-Register compare Oregon RB's vs Auburn LB's. Conclusion, the edge goes to Oregon.

Chip Kelly notices a difference between preparing for the Rose Bowl last season versus the current team as they get ready to take on Auburn in the NC game.

Kelly said he does see a change in attitude this year, though.

“They were excited about winning the Pac-10 but that wasn’t the end-all for them,’’ he said. “They were excited about winning the Civil War, but that wasn’t the end-all for them. They play like they’ve got another game to play. It’s a good mindset to have in this situation.’’


Tom Osborne and John Neal Interviews - Videos

Interviews with special teams coach Tom Osborne and secondary coach John Neal. Videos courtesy of


D.J. Davis' Tribute - Video

• Senior WR, D.J. Davis, talks about his personal tribute to Notre Dame videographer Declan Sullivan. Video courtesy of ESPN.


Chip Kelly after 12-30 practice - Video

Chip Kelly talks with reporters about LMJ's decision to return for his junior year, how this practice went and the remaining schedule until the "big game." Video courtesy of


Thursday, December 30, 2010

LaMichael James Returning in 2011

 • Rob Moseley confirms that LMJ will stay for his junior year. Great news for all Duck fans.

"I came to the University of Oregon to get a quality education as well as to play football, and feel I have yet to complete that goal," James said in a statement released by the athletic department today.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Wednesday practice update.

UO coach Chip Kelly called it a "good Wednesday for us; full pads. ... We got a lot of work done. It was good."

Oregon has essentially two full weeks' worth of practices under its belt at this point, with another nine to go before the BCS title game Jan. 10. has their BCS Championship version of the Oregon weekly football release posted. Learn all the facts, figures and trivia surrounding the biggest game in program history.

Planning on watching the big bowl games this year? You better have cable or satellite service as the biggest games are not on "free" broadcast television.

The Oregonian, along with the Mobile Press-Register compare Auburn RB's vs Oregon LB's. They both give the edge to the Ducks.

Matt Daddy at ATQ says that putting a W up for the title game rests on the shoulders of Nick Aliotti and the Oregon defense. Good read so check it out.

Dale Newton at The Duck Stops Here gazes into his blurry, green-hazed crystal ball and predicts a win for Oregon. Another good read.

The Oregonian would like you to meet their "Duck Fan of the Day," Geoff Hendricks.

Bob Rickert notes that being in the BCS will reap big rewards for Oregon.

George Schroeder and Auburn OC Gus Malzahn are old friends. Schroeder details their history.

One Oregon company is providing a BCS special events venue for Ducks, Auburn and ESPN is Scottsdale, AZ.

Adam Jude has a good piece on the Oregon tendency of "going for it" on fourth down.

“Coach Kelly is one of the ballsiest coaches in the country,” senior center Jordan Holmes said. “If it’s fourth and short, and we need a first down, he’s got no problem calling a play. I love that.”

What it comes down to, according to players and coaches, is trust.

“It’s flattering that he feels the confidence to be able to go for it,” said [Steve] Greatwood, Oregon’s offensive line coach.

“I think his confidence shows through in our success on fourth down."

Added Holmes: “I don’t think all coaches have that trust in their players.”

And, in turn, nobody is as ready to go for it as the Ducks.


Chip Kelly and LaMichael James after 12/29 practice - Video

Chip and LaMichael talk with reporters after the practice yesterday. Videos courtesy of


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Lindsay Schnell have your Tuesday practice update.

Rob: UO coach Chip Kelly said it "was a good Tuesday," with the usual schedule for that day of the week calling for three 11-on-11 team periods, red-zone work, third-down passing situations and special teams work along with positional drills. 

The one alteration to the normal weekly practice schedule this week is that Oregon won't have a walk-through Thursday, but will hold another full-go, full-pads practice.

Lindsay: Junior safety Eddie Pleasant said that despite five days off, the Ducks haven't missed a beat with conditioning.

"This is the biggest game of our lives," Pleasant said. "Even though we went on vacation, we took it upon ourselves to run at home."

The Oregonian and the Register Guard offer articles related to the world of differences between Auburn, Alabama and Eugene, Oregon.

BCS title game ticket scams are out there so be careful. One Medford fan found out the hard way.

The Oregonian would like you to meet their "Duck Fan of the Day," Curtis Nordstrom.

Former head coach Mike Bellotti offers some words of advice on facing Cam Newton.

Dale Newton at The Duck Stops Here has a very well written article on the three most overstated factors of the National Championship Game.

The Oregonian, along with the Mobile Press-Register compare QB's today in their continuing series on the different match-ups.

Consistency has led Oregon to a 12-0 record, don't expect too much to be different in the NC game.

Oregon's frenetic pace can even take a toll on our players. The difference is, they have learned how to play through the fatigue.

Lindsay Schnell takes an indepth look at Casey Matthews.

"He's very football heady, does a good job of making plays and it's easy to co-exist with him as a teammate because he's not an arrogant type of guy," said linebackers coach Don Pellum. "When you're like that, you become a magnet figure."


Lessons learned from 2010 Rose Bowl - Video

Erin Andrews talk with Oregon players about the lessons learned from the Rose Bowl loss almost one year ago. Video courtesy of ESPN.


Darron Thomas After Practice 12/28 - Video

DT talks with reporters after practice yesterday. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Chris Hansen (filling in for Rob Moseley) has your Monday practice update.

According to coach Chip Kelly, Oregon’s players were all accounted for on Monday, meaning there were no late arrivals from the five-day holiday break, nor were there any academic casualties after fall term grades came in.

“Everybody’s here, yep,” said Kelly, when asked if every player was eligible.

As for the practice itself, Kelly said he was pleased with the effort.

“It was the same enthusiasm and effort that we had last week, so I think those guys picked up right where they left off,” he said.

The Ducks will hold daily practices through Friday this week, take Saturday off, then depart Sunday for the site of their BCS title game against Auburn on Jan. 10.

Speaking of academics, this Auburn blog says some Tiger players may have issues according to head coach, Gene Chizik.

The ESPN All-American team includes RB LaMichael James and PR Cliff Harris.

The Oregonian along with the Mobile Press-Register continue their series as they compare the Oregon O-line vs the Auburn D-line.

The Heisman Pundit tries to figure out what players from this years bowl games will be 2011 Heisman candidates. Darron Thomas makes their list as they figure LMJ will go pro.

The Oregonian would like you to meet their "Duck Fan of the Day," Penny Wilkes.

Rob Moseley reports that Daryle Hawkins tries on his Tiger stripes as he emulates Cam Newton on the scout team.

“It’s a great honor,” said Hawkins, a 6-2, 192-pound native of Omaha, Neb., who turns 20 on Tuesday. “He’s a definitely a good player, well-deserving of the Heisman.”

“You get a lot of freedom to create plays,” Hawkins said. “That’s what he does on the field, so you’ve got to try to emulate that, to the best of my ability.”

“I’m just trying to help my team wherever I can,” said Hawkins.


Paysinger, Holmes, Barner and Chip Kelly after 12/27 practice - Videos

• Spencer Paysinger, Jordan Holmes, Kenjon Barner, and Chip Kelly talk with reporters after practice yesterday. Videos courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley notes that Chip Kelly's actions speak louder than words.

“It’s amazing, his empathy for people and what he wants to do for the community,” [OL coach Steve] Greatwood said. “And he doesn’t publicize that. We don’t even know. We’ll look around, like, ‘Where’s Chip?’ And then you find out he’s over at Target being a secret Santa for a bunch of kids.”

The Oregonian and the Auburn Bureau look at the matchup between the Tiger's offensive line and the Ducks defensive line.

Paul Buker imagines what kind of uproar there would be if Don Essig was doing the P.A. work at Glendale for the BCS title game.

Can you imagine what kind of home field advantage it would be for the Ducks if Essig was doing the P.A. in Glendale?

Can you imagine the roar from UO fans if they heard him over the loudspeakers?

The puzzled looks from Auburn coaches and players if Essig boomed out, “It never rains at University of Phoenix Stadium!’’

Ducks’ coach Chip Kelly would love it, of course.

“He's the voice of Oregon football,’’ said Kelly.

The team will reassemble at the Moshofsky Center today for practice after a short Christmas break. It will be good to hear some fresh "team" news tomorrow morning.

"Take it All" - Local artist C3 does new BCS song - Video

A local artist and his producer have a new song dedicated to the Ducks and their magical season. KEZI has the story.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
George Schroeder notes that Oregon football is lifting spirits with more than touchdowns and wins. A truly heart-warming story and a must read, especially at this time of year.

The Oregonian has your "Duck Fan of the Day," Brenton Breed.

Rachel Bachman takes an indepth look at Nate Costa who has completed a heart-breaking journey with no regrets.

Costa's story is not a tragedy after all. It is a triumph. His goal was to contribute to the football program and help the team win, and he has. He has come to see overcoming misfortune as his fate, something not measurable on a stat sheet but just as meaningful and enduring.

"Just the other day, I was walking to Albertson's and wasn't even in the door yet when this woman pulls up in her car and says, 'Hey, you're Nate,'" Costa recalled. "I was like, 'Yeah.' And she told me about how I'm such an inspiration to her son, Thank you for being such a good role model.

"And that's the stuff that... all this stuff that I went through, all the injuries, every weight that I've lifted, every lap that I've run, it's all worth it."


Chip Kelly on Jim Rome Is Burning 12-23 - Video

Chip Kelly talks with Jim Rome on Dec. 23rd. Video courtesy of keeerrrttt1.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ducks wish you a Merry Christmas - Video

Jordan Holmes, Kenjon Barner, Jeff Maehl, Eddie Pleasant, and Chip Kelly wishing Duck fans everywhere a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
The Heisman Pundit posted their bowl game predictions and have Oregon over Auburn, 42-37.

This game should be really fun to watch.  It wouldn’t surprise me if either team won.  I think the Oregon corners on the Auburn receivers is the key matchup.  If Oregon can get Newton off-kilter in the passing game, it should win.  Oregon just has too many weapons for Auburn to attend to, while Oregon mainly has to attend to Newton–no small feat!   Oregon edges Auburn in a classic offensive battle.

Former coach Mike Bellotti thinks that college football offenses are ahead of defenses.

The Oregonian has your "Duck Fan of the Day," the Allen family.

The R-G is looking for some volunteers to test iPad apps. Rob Moseley shares the link where you can register.

The Oregonian and Mobile Press-Register are starting a fourteen part series where they compare Oregon and Auburn. Part one deals with tradition.

John Canzano has a nice story on Chip Kelly. One thing about Canzano, I either detest his stories or really like them. This one is a keeper and a good read.

Enjoy your family and friends and have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas

• Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and readers! If you are driving today, be safe out there.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
The R-G shares their continuing series, "Constructing a Title Run," with the final two segments of the five part story.

In part four, Adam Jude looks at special teams and in part five, Rob Moseley notes that LaMichael James had to battle through injuries to become the nation's leading running back.

Here is how part five ends:

“Just look at him — he’s all of 180 pounds soaking wet, and damn near all his carries are between the tackles,” center Jordan Holmes said. “It’s definitely an admirable thing. He’s out there putting his body on the line just like we are. It’s something we definitely respect out of him.”

And something the Ducks could rely on all season, no matter how much punishment the Ducks’ star tailback took.

The Oregonian would like you to meet their "Duck Fan of the Day," Nick Tomasulo.

Ken Goe thinks that the Oregon defense will be better prepared for Cam Newton than the USC defense was for Vince Young back in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Rachel Bachman reports that the BCS Bowl payout for the Pac-10 will be quite the bonanza.

Some folks will go to great lengths to provide a very special gift to a Duck fan, BCS championship game tickets.

Two Oregon entrepreneurs are giving back in a special way after a banner year. It's a nice story, especially on Christmas Eve.


Win the Day and a Faceless Opponent - Videos

Players hear it all the time from Chip and the other coaches. But just what does "win the day" and the "faceless opponent" mean to these players? Videos courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley shares part three of a five part series, "Constructing a Title Run." Part three looks at the defense and their ability to limit big plays.

Oregon limited big plays with a combination of pressure on the quarterback, sound tackling in the run game and a ballhawking secondary that helped the Ducks pile up 35 takeaways, second-most in the nation behind Hawaii.

Rachel Bachman notes that one parachuting Duck fan keeps his flag flying, all over the world.

The Oregonian continues their series, "Duck Fan of the Day," with Air Force senior airman KJ Brewsaugh.

Ted Miller examines the salaries of the nations FBS assistant football coaches and concludes the Pac-10 coaches should be paid more. is encouraging Duck fans around the world to join a "Yellow-Out" in a show of unity for the National Championship Game.

Ron Bellamy of the Register Guard would like your story (in 200 words or less) on what Oregon's title chance means to you.

Some letters will be published in a BCS special edition in January, others published online.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ken Goe and Aaron Fentress have your Tuesday practice update.

Ken: The second-ranked Oregon Ducks held their final pre-Christmas practice Tuesday morning in the Moshofsky Center.

After practice, the players left in a hurry, many to catch plane flights or pack the cars for the trip home.

Aaron: A great practice Monday was followed by another very good one Tuesday, leaving coach Chip Kelly pleased with where the team is heading into a long rest.

“They understand, obviously, what’s on hand,” Kelly said. “We’re 20 days away from playing in the national championship game.”

Rob Moseley reports that Chip Kelly picked up his fourth coach of the year award yesterday.

Oregon's Chip Kelly was named national coach of the year today by The Associated Press.

The honor is no less than the fourth of its kind this month for the coach of the 12-0 Ducks, who face Auburn on Jan. 10 in the BCS title game. He's also been named coach of the year by the Football Writers Association, The Sporting News and the Walter Camp Football Foundation.

The Oregonian continues their "Duck Fan of the Day" series with Anna Hartman and Duck Pond Man.

Assistant coach Tom Osborne is no stranger to title games.

Ken Goe says to watch out for Oregon's ball hawking defense in the title game.

"The team that gets the most stops, or holds people to 'threes,' turnovers, those are the keys," Aliotti said. "Turnovers, stops, trade "threes' for 'sevens' as much as you can -- that's really the secret."

Oregon's offense earns a lot of attention. But I think the opportunistic UO defense doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves.

Tony Dungy, former NFL coach, whose son Eric plays for the Ducks, says that this Oregon team has something special.

"It’s the chemistry,” says Dungy, a longtime NFL coach with the Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers who now works as an analyst for NBC. “I was out here for their early fall practices and just watching these guys practice and the way they go about it and the fact that you have so many who don’t care who gets the ball or who scores touchdowns, that’s how you win and that’s what they’ve created here."


Barner and Boyett on Chip Kelly - Video

Kenjon Barner and John Boyett talk about their head coach. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley and Ken Goe have your Monday practice update.

Rob: Chip Kelly called today's full-pads practice in the Moshofsky Center "as good as we've had."

"They were outstanding," Kelly said.

Ken: Kelly said he didn't sense a squirrely, day-before-vacation inability to concentrate.

"I was concerned about that," Kelly said. "I think we were (unfocused) last year (right before Christmas). We have one more practice, and I told them they set the standard for the way we want to practice."

Coach Kelly won his third coach of the year award yesterday. This time it was the Walter Camp coach of the year. Previously he had been honored by the Football Writers Association of America and The Sporting News.

The Register Guard is featuring a four part series, "Constructing a Title Run."

In the first segment, Rob Moseley examines the second half domination the Ducks possessed all year on their way to a 12-0 record.

In part two, Adam Jude looks at Darron Thomas who unexpectedly led the Ducks with an unflappable air, especially for a first year starter.

Ted Miller reports the Pro Football Weekly announced their All-American team and it's based on NFL potential. LaMichael James is listed at running back as a honorable mention and Cliff Harris is  their first team punt returner and received a honorable mention at cornerback.

George Schroeder takes a light-hearted look at the song selections for practice yesterday.

Cam Newton, a scarier version of Terrelle Pryor? Daryle Hawkins, the scout team QB, tries to prepare the Oregon defense as he emulates the Auburn offensive scheme during practice.

Kenny Rowe's unselfish attitude is a big factor in the success of the Oregon defense this year.

"He's been incredible," said UO defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti, who paused and then repeated the word for emphasis. "Incredible."

He makes it possible for the Ducks to change defenses without changing personnel.

They can play a four-man line, three-man line, a zone coverage, man-for-man, zone blitz, with Rowe having a different assignment each time.

"He's allowed us to do a lot of things here," [Jerry] Azzinaro said. "He's a big part of our success on defense. He has sacrificed a lot. A selfish guy would want to rush the quarterback all the time. He plays in coverage. He does a lot of different things for us. I'm very proud of him."


Kelly, Barner, Boyett and Jackson after 12-20 practice - Videos

• Chip Kelly, Kenjon Barner, John Boyett and Talmadge Jackson III talk with reporters after practice yesterday. Videos courtesy of KVAL.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Adam Jude takes an indepth look at Mark Asper, who has many roles other than playing right tackle for the Ducks.

George Schroeder says that despite all of his highlights, LaMichael James' next move will be one of his most important as James must consider whether to enter the NFL draft or stay at Oregon for another year.

John Hunt notes that Daryle Hawkins is playing the role of Cam Newton for the scout team as the Ducks prepare to play Auburn.

John also looks at Lache Seastrunk who is playing the part of Auburn running back Michael Dyer. Beyond that role, Seastrunk, much like LMJ, found it tough to be on the sidelines all year as a redshirt.

Ken Goe reports that if the Ducks host the Pac-12 title game next year some season ticket holders could lose their seats for that game.

Distractions played a part in the Rose Bowl loss this past January but this is a different Ducks team and the focus remains the same as it has all season, win the day.

"We were a little distracted last year,'' center Jordan Holmes said. "There was a lot of stuff going on, and we didn't handle it very well. We're going to treat it like a business trip, just like we've done every game this year.''

Rachel Bachman calls Oregon the rare outlier in the landscape of college football contenders.

Of the 26 teams to play in the Bowl Championship Series title game since the contest began in 1998, most are classic college football behemoths.

All but two -- Virginia Tech and Oregon -- had won a previous national title.


Chip Kelly after 12-19 practice - Video

Coach Kelly talks with reporters after practice yesterday. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Ken Goe have your Saturday practice update.

Rob: Oregon's depth has been particularly valuable on special teams this season, when guys like Avery Patterson, Dion Jordan, Marvin Johnson, Bryson Littlejohn, Brian Butterfield and Brian Jackson have played big roles.

"There's a lot," UO coach Chip Kelly said. "It's an extensive group."

Ken: An ESPN crew was allowed into practice. ESPN is televising the championship game, and terms of the contract give ESPN reporters special access.

ESPN's Erin Andrews said she liked the music mix the Ducks were playing in practice. She used the Shazam feature on her phone to get the play list for possible use during her own workout.

Jim Radcliffe, the U of O strength coach, keeps the Ducks in shape, even when there aren't formal practices scheduled.

Junior TE David Paulson was surprised to hear that the NFL might be interested in him.

The Oregonian has your Duck fan of the day.

Rob Moseley reports that Oregon picked up another verbal commitment yesterday.

RB Tra Carson, a 6-foot, 220-pound bruiser from the same high school that produced LaMichael James, Liberty-Eylau of Texarkana, Texas.

Lavasier Tuinei confirmed that he was full go at practice yesterday.

“I practiced today,” said Tuinei, who was in full pads for Saturday's UO practice, and not wearing a red, no-contact jersey.

“It feels great,” Tuiniei said. “Just being able to be fresh and come back and work with the team, it really means a lot to me.”

Chip Kelly had his big coming out party, where we caught our first glimpse of his offensive game plan prowess, when we went to play at Michigan in 2007. Ken Goe takes a look back at the game. Remember the fake statue of liberty play?

"It was let it rip and have fun with some things,'' offensive line coach Steve Greatwood said. "It was Chip's personality kind of being seen nationally for the first time.''


Ken Goe talks about 12-18 practice - Video

Ken Goe reports on the closed door practice yesterday. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Ken Goe have your Friday practice update.

Rob: Though the Ducks ostensibly kicked off a normal practice week today -- they'll go through Tuesday before breaking for the holidays -- this workout was said by coaches and players to be much tougher than a typical Monday. There were 11-on-11 team periods, and some work against the scout team, which for the first time was wearing dark blue jerseys with orange numerals to represent Auburn.

Ken: "This was full-go, one of the longer practices we'll have," Kelly said. "That's what it will be like until the 21st. We put in part of our game plan, and worked on our base fundamentals -- blocking, tackling, everything that you need that, if don't do on a regular basis, if you take a couple days off, is going to slip."

Lavasier Tuinei was in full pads yesterday and although practice was closed it is surmised that he was full participant.

George Schroeder thinks this 2010 Oregon team feels like the 2000 Oklahoma team.

John Hunt talks with OC Mark Helfrich on Auburn's big DT Nick Fairley.

Andy Mac notes there are a couple more award possibilities for LMJ and Chip Kelly later next month.

Ted Miller has posted a "did you know?" bowl edition for your enjoyment.

The Oregonian has your Duck fan of the day along with a store in Birmingham, Alabama that is selling some Duck gear.

Have you seen the new video that On The Rocks has put together? You can watch "Call Me a Duck" on YouTube.

Want to go to the BCS Championship game for free? Details are shared by George Schroeder.

Ken Goe takes an indepth look at TE David Paulson who is much more than just a great football player.


Jordan Holmes and DT after practice 12-17 - Video

Coach Kelly, Casey Matthews, Jordan Holmes and Darron Thomas after practice yesterday. Skip to the 1:17 mark if you watched the previous Kelly and Matthews videos.Video courtesy of Steve Summers and eDuck.


LaMichael after 12-17 practice - Videos

LMJ talks about practice, preparing for Auburn, how far this team has come and his plans for next year. Videos courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Duck Interviews after 12/17 practice - Videos

• Chip Kelly, D.J. Davis, David Paulson, Spencer Paysinger, Casey Matthews, and Brandon Bair talk with reporters after practice yesterday. Videos courtesy of KVAL.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ken Goe reports, rumor has it, when the Ducks resume practice today the doors will be closed to the media and general public as Chip and the team prepare for Auburn in earnest.

The Heisman Pundit released their 2010 All-American offensive team yesterday. LMJ and the complete Oregon offensive line made their team.

Ted Miller looks at what players might leave the Pac-10 early to try and get drafted by the NFL. He thinks for Oregon it could be LaMichael and David Paulson. Personally, I think both are a long shot to leave.

Lots of "fan stories" from the Oregonian yesterday. One Oregon fan got the price of his stolen LMJ jersey back; some families are split on who they are rooting for in the title game; your football fantasy; and meet the "fan of the day."

Rob Moseley looks back at him game predictions for the season and compares the numbers to the actual outcome.

John Canzano notes that Oregon's rise in national prominence is bound to help Chip Kelly on the recruiting trail.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Make it a perfect 5 for 5. LaMichael James became the first Oregon player to be chosen a unanimous All-American as the last NCAA "approved" selection body, the Sporting News, announced their All-American team yesterday. Joining James on their first team was Cliff Harris as a punt returner.

John Hunt wonders if the Heisman jinx could strike Cam Newton and his Auburn Tigers.

Alabama and Auburn are fierce rivals and some Alabama fans have created apparel to wear to the Title Game that show their pride in a way that supports the Ducks. Rob Moseley has the story.

Katy Muldoon and the Oregonian want to know your travel plans if you are attending the Championship Game in Glendale on January 10th for a future story.

The Oregonian will feature one die-hard Duck fan a day until the big game. Today they introduce Brent Bishop.

Steve Summers at eDuck reports that DT Jared Ebert has sent the Ducks his national letter of intent.

Ken Goe seems to take issue with how Jon Wilner compares this years Ducks to the best teams through the years in the Pac-10.

Wilner doesn't think they stack up with the 1991 Huskies or 2004 Trojans but Goe points out that if you are going to compare teams from different eras then you should define your criteria.

Ken seems to defend the Ducks with this statement:

But the Ducks are doing this not as much with raw ability as with teamwork, cohesion, depth, speed and scheme.


Clay has some advice for Casey - Video

Green Bay LB Clay Matthews shares his thoughts on his younger brother as Casey gets ready for his last game as a Duck. Video courtesy of the Oregonian.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
LaMichael James added his fourth All-America team honor yesterday as he was named to the AP version. There is only one "official" All-America team to be announced, the Sporting News. I expect he will make that one as well making James the first unanimous All-American in Oregon history.

Ted Miller recognized some standout Pac-10 seniors who don't get much publicity. D.J. Davis makes his list.

Oregon picked up two verbal commitments yesterday. Prep LB Rodney Hardrick of Colton, California and JC transfer WR Rahsaan Vaughn of the College of San Mateo (Calif.)

Rob Moseley shares a feature story on LMJ who is back in his preferred environment, around his teammates preparing for the National Championship game. reports that Oregon has a new partner for their online store, TeamFanShop. You can view the new store here.

While not football related, it is pretty cool that the U of O's award-winning men's a cappella group, On The Rocks, has made it to the semi-final round on NBC's "The Sing-Off," a nationally televised show. You can watch the semi-finals tonight at 8pm and the live finale will be on Dec. 20th at 5pm local time.


BCS Title Game Matchup - Stopping Cam Newton - Videos

In the first video Pat Forde and Ivan Maisel talk about the Title Game matchup and in the second Rece Davis and Craig James talk about how Oregon can slow down Cam Newton. Videos courtesy of ESPN.