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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

There were a couple of stories I really liked in yesterday's flood of blog posts. First off we have George Schroeder and his article on Chip Kelly, "validation on and off the field." Here is a sample:

What we’re seeing, four games into a head-coaching career, is a program in good hands.

Someone involved with the program’s daily inner workings told me the most remarkable thing about Kelly during the last few weeks was that he never changed anything. Not after Boise. Not when Masoli faltered. Not at any point.

“The head coach stayed the course,” he said. “It’s pretty impressive.”

Yeah, it really is.

Be sure to check out the complete story here.

John Hunt and Jeff Smith collaborated on this piece, "UO football: The impact of Walter Thurmond's injury."

While the emphasis is on WT (and rightfully so) there are some other nuggets in the article as well.

Such as T.J. Ward returning to practice, Cliff Harris practicing with the first team, how the new backfield will look and Oregon petitioning the NCAA to allow Tyrece Gaines to redshirt this year as he only played one snap.

Catch the full article here.


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