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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley sat down with Duck receiver Jeff Maehl who says Oregon's passing game is ready to deliver. Here is a sample of the Q & A:

Question: Masoli has said he thinks the passing game is very close to clicking. Do you agree?

Definitely. A couple of plays, even the interception we had last week, were right there to be made. It’s just the little details that we’re messing up. If we can eliminate those mistakes we’ll be fine.

Ted Miller had his own Q & A with Chip Kelly. I admire Kelly a little more each week. His one word answers fit him to a tee. Such as this snippet:

TM: How do you stop Jahvid Best?


Kelly does go on to explain in the next segment, check it out here.

Speaking of tackling, Adam Jude takes a look at the linebackers and how they match up when trying to stop Jahvid Best.

“He’s fast,” UO linebacker Eddie Pleasant said, “but we got fast guys, too.”

Best certainly demands the most of any defense. On Saturday, the Ducks figure to find out quickly if they’re up to speed.

The crowd at Autzen will play an important part in today's game. You might even call them Oregon's 12th man. John Hunt notes that the crowd noise has bothered Cal and Jahvid Best in the past.

"Honestly any other away game I don't really even hear the crowd,'' Best told reporters this week. "Oregon's the only place where it just really got on my nerves.''

Let's bring it today Duck fans. A full 60 minutes of bedlam.

It's time to bring this post to a close but before we depart for Autzen we would be remiss if we didn't talk about predictions.

The pundits are picking Cal of course (here and here) and why not?

I'll tell you why not. Remember 2000 and a similar Duck team was taking on 6th ranked UCLA, so why not again?

Or like me and Nick, your just so wrapped up in the Ducks that your blinded by all the facts.

But perhaps the best reason is because Cooper picks the Ducks to win today, 32-31.

My prediction: Oregon 27 - Cal 21


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