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Friday, September 25, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller monopolizes the post today with three stories. The first, Oregon embraces underdog role.

Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews is doing the math in his head, setting up the equation for how disrespected he and the Ducks feel.

Last weekend, Oregon won its second in a row... ending No. 18 Utah's 16-game winning streak.

Yet no return to the national ranking for the Ducks.

The UnderDucks sense they have an opportunity to make a statement when Cal visits raucous Autzen Stadium.

"That's what we plan to do," Matthews said. "We hope we can shock the world."

Next up is Miller's story on what to watch for this week in the Pac-10.

While Jahvid Best will try making another statement in his bid for the Heisman, Miller ranks Oregon's defense as "fair to middling." Also in question is the passing game.

The Ducks can't beat Cal without a passing game, which means Masoli needs to revert to his form at the end of 2008 when he was one of the nation's premier pass-run threats.

Call me a homer but I think Oregon will catch Cal off guard this week.

Miller takes a shot at picking the winner of this weeks Pac-10 games.

California 30, Oregon 24: A big game for both teams with season-long ramifications.

You'll be eating your words on Sunday Ted.

Going to end the post today with another fun piece over at Off the Pond. Headline for this story, "Hey Cal, Aren't You Excited for USC?" Nick ends with this:

Nobody blames you for looking ahead. I’d be excited, too. I’d probably gloss right over the patsy on the schedule that you haven’t lost to in 4 years. In fact, you should. Rest up, stay healthy. Mentally prepare yourselves for the juggernaut that is USC.

If nothing else, at least you’ll have an excuse on Sunday.

Only thing that Nick left out is the Jedi mind trick. Move along, this isn't the team you are looking for.


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