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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Are you ready to rock your old school Duck gear? Rob Moseley thinks that is what we will see on Saturday and the evidence speaks for itself.

All indications are that Oregon will unveil a retro-style uniform when the Ducks face California on Saturday.

Much of the team is wearing yellow helmets for practice today. That’s yellow like the 1994 Rose Bowl team wore, not like the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl team wore.

On sale in the Duck Shop at the Moshofsky Center are green throwback jerseys and new T-shirts featuring Oregon’s old interlocking UO logo.

Moseley even snapped pictures, check it out here.

• Practice yesterday had a few players moving up on the depth chart according to Rob Moseley.

Eddie Pleasant looks poised to rejoin the starting defense after giving way to Josh Kaddu against Utah, while D.J. Davis and Lavasier Tuinei each got some reps with the No. 1 offense in place of receiver Jamere Holland today.

• Carson York continues his Oregon football journal over at "Behind The Ducks Beat." His new piece is titled, "Adversity prepares Ducks for Pac-10 season." To sum up his story York writes:

Every bump in the road so far has taught us something about ourselves and will hopefully make the rest of the season smoother and a successful one. Over the next 10 weeks we will determine how the 2009 Oregon Ducks will be remembered. We plan on making it a good memory.

Really good piece, check it out here.

• How about a little fun to end this post. Nick at Off The Pond thinks what we need is to manufacture a little hate towards Cal.

It’s a big game Saturday. And it’s not a natural rival. In fact, I always kinda’ liked Cal. But that won’t do. Friends we cannot be. We need to manufacture some animosity to get this thing going.

Show your love for the Ducks by leaving your "why I hate Cal" comment at Nick's place.


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