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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Jeremiah Masoli looked sharp in practice yesterday according to Rob Moseley.

Moseley tracked every pass Masoli threw in drills yesterday; he was 50-of-64 for the day, with at least five drops, one ball thrown away and two nice breakups by defenders.

Moseley also noted that T.J. Ward didn't suit up and Ward says he has reached a plateau in his recovery.

Sounds like it might be another week before Ward will be ready.

LeGarrette Blount wasn't at practice yesterday (or at Saturday's game), but for good reason. Sometimes you forget that there are more important things than football.

Moseley reports that on Thursday, he became the father of a newborn son, which probably explains his absence. Merissa McCullugh gave birth to the baby boy at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield.

Congratulations to the proud parents.

Ted Miller posted his Pac-10 Power Rankings yesterday and has Oregon at #4 after the win over Utah.

Chip Kelly took a lot of crud for the debacle at Boise State. Maybe some of it was fair. But what do we say about a team that has yanked itself up by its bootstraps and is finding ways to win, even if those ways and wins aren't exactly beautiful? We say, "Good job." Now all Kelly has to do is beat Cal and all is forgiven among the Ducks faithful.

No one will comment on the, "Chip Kelly is a man of his word" story from the Every Day Should be Saturday blog but it has a ring of truth to it.

According to the author, Oregon graduate Tony Seminary sent Kelly an invoice to recoup his costs to attend the Boise St. game. Sometime later Seminary received a check from Charles Kelly for the full amount. Seminary who only did it as a joke and returned the check but was duly impressed.

Said Seminary, “I think of Coach Kelly as a totally different person now, I have a different bond with him now thanks to what happened. Let’s just say he lost every game as an Oregon coach. You would never hear me calling for his head. It just wouldn’t happen. The guy showed an incredible amount of class.”

Good stuff for sure.


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