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Monday, September 21, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley participated in the weekly conference call with Chip Kelly and when asked if Jeremiah Masoli's #1 QB status was in question Kelly responded, “the reasons I stayed with Jeremiah in that game is because he’s our quarterback and he gives us the best chance to win.”

Personally, I can't even believe this is even a question that should be asked. Sure, his passing game isn't the thing of beauty it was at the end of the season but he started slow last year as well. He's working with a new O-line and a different set of receivers on top of that.

Ted Miller seems to agree with me on Masoli when he posted his "what we learned in the Pac-10 story."

Did you write off Oregon? Not smart: After the Boise State debacle, Ducks fans seemed to panic, and Duck haters seemed ready to predict the certain demise of the Chip Kelly era after just one game. Those of us -- yeah, I'm taking credit for it -- who said, "Er, one game" and preached patience probably feel like gloating. But we won't because gloating is, well, often a lot of fun. It's not that Oregon doesn't have issues. Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli's continued struggles is chief among them. And this might not be a 10-win team. But the idea that the program was on the cusp of spinning into the morass was absurd. And I'm still not selling my Masoli stock.

George Schroeder looks at how the Oregon defense is carrying the Ducks right now in this story. Here are a couple of highlights:

Their defense is fast and athletic, with a knack for big plays — and it’s developing some serious swagger.

The only reliable indication of success so far is this: If Walter Thurmond scores (Saturday, it was on a punt return), Oregon wins.

For the second straight week, the defense made big plays. And Saturday, it also came up with big stops.

Third downs became fourth downs, and it’s possible we’re seeing the evolution of a team strength.

“The defense played unbelievable,” Kelly said. “If they can play like that, they’re gonna give us a shot.”

Very good read, check out the complete article here.

Battle tested might be a good way to describe this Oregon team but now the games get even tougher. Cal is up next and Rob Moseley compares stats between the teams.

Looking at all those big numbers Cal has put up might be just a little misleading as they haven't exactly played a tough(can you say cream puff) schedule to this point.


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