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Friday, June 12, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller leads the way today with a fun piece, "Nonconference fantasy matchups for Pac-10."

Oregon at Oklahoma: Hey, Sooners, can the Ducks bring their own referees?

Be sure to check out the complete post, some funny stuff.

• James Walker at ESPN's NFL Nation Blog talks about a recent question posed to the followers of the AFC North blog. "Who is the top interior defensive linemen?" The choices were, Casey Hampton, Haloti Ngata or Shaun Rogers?

Former Oregon standout Haloti Ngata won the top honor.

But the AFC North blog's pick for top interior defensive lineman in the division is Haloti Ngata, because of his youth, consistency, pure athleticism, upside, versatility and track record as a winner. Ngata is the only player who currently embodies all of these traits.


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