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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has an interesting look at the ability of Oregon to keep players in the football program that were recruited from the other half of the country.

In the period 2003-06, the Ducks signed nine guys from the Eastern half of the country, and four left early...

...Where the Ducks’ efforts to keep Eastern players happy will really be tested is in the next year or two.

Check out his list and read the comments, it's worth the time.

• So how about BSU or Utah in the Rose Bowl? According to George Schroeder it just might happen starting in 2010. The BCS has signed a new contract with ESPN and it adds a new clause.

But in the new contract, I’m told, there is an interesting clause: The first time in the deal that the Rose loses one of its champions to the BCS title game, that opening will be automatically filled by a Coalition (non-BCS conference) team if one has qualified.

BSU in the Rose Bowl? That's just plain wrong.


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