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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller starts us off today and thinks Oregon needs to attend Summer School. His concern is the line on both sides of the ball.

"So those wide-bodies need to hit the weight room -- and the track -- hard, making sure their lack of experience is offset by outstanding conditioning."

Jon Wilner is up next as he projects the order of finish in the Pac-10. He has the Ducks in the third spot behind Cal and USC but...

..."Ducks could easily finish second and I wouldn’t be surprised if they, not Cal, overthrow USC. They’re in great shape at the skill positions and decent shape on the OL and in the secondary. But they lost a lot on the defensive front and have no margin for error with the difficult schedule: at Boise State, Utah and Purdue, then Cal — and that’s September!"

Flethcher Johnson at eDuck takes a look at the defense and wonders how the 2009 team will fare.

"The real question, which has always been the question, is whether Oregon’s defense will show up for every game."

It's a good read so check it our if you have a couple of minutes to spare.


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