Photo courtesy of David Putzier at Flickr.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud is producing an off-shoot website called Oregon Gridiron where you can see videos about all the coaches, Oregon football, and coming soon are three other categories, Player Life, Facilities and Nike.

Looks promising. There is also the coaches blog here.

Rob Moseley has a new piece where Coach Azzinaro gives kudos to strength coach Jim Radcliffe on the conditioning of the players as they started spring practice.

“The one thing these guys are, they’re really well-prepared for spring practice, which I haven’t experienced in a lot of places at this point in the year,” Azzinaro said."

Finally, Andy Mac has done a recap of the first week of practice. As is the case most years, the defense is ahead of the offense in the early going. Looks like Walter Thurmond III gets the highest marks."He must have grown some wings in the offseason because he was flying all over the field this week."