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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Chip Kelly announced yesterday that Mike Bellotti will serve as an interim quarterbacks coach for the 15 scheduled spring practices.

“I felt it was important to maximize the number of assistant coaches we can have during spring ball while continuing our search process for a full-time assistant,” Kelly said. “We didn’t want to rush into a hire, and having the most qualified person for the job in our own backyard made it an easy decision.”

Bellotti seems comfortable with the new assignment as he prepares to step into his role as athletic director on July 1st.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger's Back

Starting the final round Tiger is 5 shots off the lead. Coming into the final hole he is tied for the lead with Sean O'Hair. Tiger has this 16 foot putt to win the tournament.

The guy is just unbelievable. Time and time again we have seen the same steady, ice water running in your veins gaze as he lines up a putt for the win, and then delivers.

Next up for Tiger is Augusta National and the Masters in less than two weeks time. I can't wait.

The Girls

I took a short trip up to Albany yesterday to see Chuck, Suzi, Noah & Amelia. I snapped this shot of my Mom, Amelia and Aunt Margaret. There is another photo of Chuck and Noah over at Flickr if you would care to take a peek.

Duck news will probably be little or non-existent today as the football team prepares for the first spring practice tomorrow.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has a very insightful article on the transition of Chip Kelly to the head coaching job at Oregon.

Be sure to read the complete article but here are a couple of snippets.

“There was no question in your mind he was the head coach, said Jeff Hawkins, Oregon’s director of football operations... we knew we were talking to the head football coach.”

“He hit the ground running,” UO associate head coach Steve Greatwood said.""

"There are personality differences between Kelly and Bellotti, though, and Hawkins perhaps simplified them best as “East Coast vs. West Coast.""

“It’s like, ‘This is what’s expected of you,’ ” Greatwood said. “ ‘If you guys want to be treated like men, then we’re going to treat you as men. Don’t force us to treat you like kids.’ ”

“I just have complete confidence in all the decisions he makes,” UO quarterback Jeremiah Masoli said."

Be sure to read the complete article, it will give the average fan a really close look at our new coach.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Andy McNamara at, visited the practice field yesterday and snapped this photo.

As you can see, the field is getting prepped for the start of spring practice. It was supposed to start on Monday but that is also the start of classes for the spring quarter.

It was decided by the coaching staff to wait until Tuesday to start practice. The normal schedule will be to hold practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:45 until 10:50 on those mornings.

I have Friday April 10th off, and if the weather is decent I will head down to the field to snap a few photos. Mac also has the projected lineups for practice so check it out.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller hit #14 yesterday in his list of top 30 players in the Pac-10 before spring practice starts and he chose Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount.

"The bruising 6-foot-2, 240-pound runner led the Pac-10 with 17 rushing touchdowns, which broke the school's single-season record. He also ranked sixth in the conference with 1,002 yards."

Oregon players now fill three of the top 30 spots with the top ten coming soon.

Boise St. announced it's tentative schedule for 2009 and has moved the opener against the Ducks from Saturday the 5th of Sept. to Thursday the 3rd of Sept.

I would prefer to see it on Saturday but we'll take a wait and see what happens attitude on this one.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller is up to #16 on his top 30 Pac-10 Player countdown and Ed Dickson got the nod.

Miller says: "He's a good blocker and surprisingly strong -- see a bench press of over 400 pounds. He earned second-team All-Pac-10 honors in 2008 and is a likely first-day NFL draft pick in 2010."

It's nice to see Oregon players on his list and I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

Dennis Dodd at ESPN posted his top 25 teams going into spring practice and has Oregon at #8. I like that number but give me a break on this statement: "As long as Ducks D-coordinator Nick Alliotti is left alone to keep working his magic, Oregon will challenge USC for the Pac-10 title."

George Schroeder had Nick Reed on his radio show yesterday, The Writer's Block. They talked of the NFL and Reed gave his thoughts on Kelly moving into Bellotti's old job. You can listed to the broadcast here.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LeGarrette Blount Reinstated

LeGarrette Blount has been reinstated to the Ducks football program according to the Ducks Sports News Blog.

Excellent news that comes just in time for the start of spring practice on Monday.

This was rumored earlier but is now official according to the article.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The biggest news yesterday was the naming of a new Pac-10 commissioner. Larry Scott, Chairman and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), is the new commissioner, effective July 1, 2009.

He believes the Pac-10's bowl arrangements and television contracts can be improved in terms of increasing revenue and exposure, particularly in football and basketball.

Before naming specifics he will meet with all of the Pac-10 schools to talk with presidents and administrators and here what they have to say.

While every school has their own agenda, I think everyone realizes that our TC contract for football is pretty damn lame. Personally, I would love to see a big fat ESPN contract come our way.

Ted Miller has been ranking the Pac-10's top 30 players. The first Oregon player to make his list is DE Will Tukuafu, who comes in at #18.

"The 6-foot-4, 272-pounder is strong against both the run and pass -- he actually led all Ducks defensive linemen with 59 tackles in 2008. He also recorded 7.5 sacks and ranked fifth in the conference with 17.5 tackles for loss."


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller at ESPN had a chance to interview Chip Kelly yesterday and there were some interesting comments in the talk.

Regarding LeGarrette Blount: "He's very aware of what he has to do to be with us for our first spring practice. And he's on track to do that. "

Regarding LaMichael James: "A dynamic, dynamic player, who can run, stop, change direction. He can catch the ball. He's tough. He's up over 190 pounds [from 180 as true freshman]."

Regarding Darron Thomas: "May be our most improved [player], may be our best kid in our off-season program. He's up to 218 pounds and can run 4.5 and can throw it."

There are quite a few other notes so check it out. Spring is in the air, practice in only 6 days away.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley had the chance to chat with Jeremiah Masoli yesterday. When asked about being a potential dark-horse candidate for the Heisman Trophy this year, Masoli responded: “It’d be nice, but that’s not on my mind right now. I’m just thinking about training, and seeing that blue field. That’s all I’m thinking about.”

Props to Masoli for that response. Nothing I'd like more than to grind a little Bronco meat into that blue crap to start the year.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flying Car

While we are on the subject of flying check this out. They have been talking about these for years but this looks like it has possibilities. Pretty cool.

Rapping Flight Attendant

News from Duck Football land is pretty slim today so here is a fun video. How come I never get a flight attendant like this when I take Southwest?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Bruce Feldman at ESPN has a piece called "Powerhouses under Construction." Number three on his list is Oregon.

Feldman says, "I see the Ducks as an emerging force in the West...if some of Oregon's JC transfers can come through on defense, the Ducks could end USC's run of Pac-10 dominance this fall. "

I like his thinking!

Dave Curtis at the Sporting News calls Chip Kelly a "near lock" to be successful. The three keys according to Curtis are, Kelly's offense, his recruiting skills and connections, and last but not least, Uncle Phil.

Let's keep the machine well oiled and it will give us a lot of good miles.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

It was a very busy day yesterday with all of the news coming in about Gaines and Brown. I guess 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

We'll have to wait and see how Brown works out at Tennessee, but I bet the Vols regret their decision at some point down the road...and we'll get to see him in action as the Ducks play Tennessee in 2010.

You probably heard about Bev Smith not coming back as the women's BB coach, no surprise there either. Ernie will be next.

Moseley has a few comments on a possible new offensive coordinator, anybody else care to make a guess as to who that might be?


Monday, March 16, 2009

Bryce Brown Decides

As you have probably heard, Bryce Brown has landed at Tennessee. I was a little surprised after the rumors we have been hearing but not shocked.

Quite frankly, I think Oregon has avoided a kid with a lot of issues. Time will tell how he works out for Tennessee.


Tyrece Gaines - Officially a Duck

According to Bob Rickert and his sources Tyrece Gaines is officially a Duck. This really adds a lot of depth to the receiving corps.

Update: Now verified by


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

This could be a big day for recruiting. We have the Bryce Brown announcement at 11am PDT today and should also hear about Tyrece Gaines. Evidently Gaines sent a hard copy of the LOI.

Bob Rickert has an update on the Brown situation over on his blog. Evidently Chris Harper will be at his side and what this might mean.

If all goes as planned, I will update with a post later today.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bryce Brown Update

Bob Rickert has been in contact with a friend of his at KGSO radio in Wichita.

According to the contact, "everything he's heard this weekend is that it's either Oregon or Kansas State."

It is definitely getting exciting as the hours countdown. If you want to listen to the announcement live you can go to the radio stations website, look in the top right corner for the audio feed link. The announcement will be made at 11am PDT.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The blogosphere was on fire yesterday with everyone's take on the Bellotti/Kelly transition. Let's take a wander down pundit's row.

It started with Rob Moseley (as it usually does.) The most interesting item (to me anyway) on Bellotti's new role. "...the contract status of the two basketball coaches. Kilkenny has plans to meet with both Ernie Kent and Bev Smith in coming days, and Bellotti insisted he wouldn’t feel qualified at this point offering advice on their positions."

I think this was more of a smokescreen than anything else. You know that Bellotti has plenty of experience in the head coaching position and what it takes to motivate and gain respect from the players. I think he will have Kilkenny's ear and won't be timid about sharing his opinion.

Ted Miller says, "Bellotti is at peace with his decision." "Up next for Bellotti is the transition from the field to administration. But Bellotti hastened to add that he'll have an open door should Kelly want his input, and he even admitted that he might, at times, volunteer his thoughts without their solicitation."

You can bet Bellotti will have a ton to say should things on the football field start to go south.

Ted Miller also takes a look from Kelly's perspective. "Kelly wouldn't be pinned down Saturday on how he would go about replacing himself as coordinator and quarterbacks coach, other than to say he'd like to have someone aboard before spring practices begin March 30." But then Kelly also said, "I wouldn't be surprised if I'm calling plays on Opening Day."

Personally, I think he will be a fantastic coach. He has a lot of support and a program built on a solid foundation.

John Hunt of the Oregonian and his perspective is next. Here is an interesting Chip Kelly quote. "I'm sitting here because of my background on offense, and my fingerprint will always be on the offensive side of the ball,'' Kelly said. "The only thing I think that will change from this year to next year is hope we score more points."

Wouldn't that be something to watch. The Ducks averaged 42 points per game last year.

George Schroeder has a nice piece on Bellotti's new role. One of Bellotti's responsibilites is the hiring and firing of head coaches. Belotti said, "he wouldn’t shy away from difficult personnel decisions...I’ll be very willing to make changes if I deem that necessary.”

Goodbye Ernie and Bev, you had your chance.

There were other articles out on the blogs but these were my favorites. Coming up tomorrow is the Bryce Brown sweepstakes. Stay tuned for updates on that situation.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Highlights of Bellotti Kelly Interview

Bellotti, Kelly on the coaching transition for Ducks football

Courtesy of Molly Blue at the Oregonian

I will have a post of the thoughts of different writers regarding this interview tomorrow morning. Enjoy.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley reports that junior college wide receiver Tyrece Gaines sent his letter of intent to the U of O yesterday but there has been no official word from the Ducks that it has been received.

"Assuming his letter is received and processed by the Ducks, Gaines intends to arrive in Eugene in May, at the conclusion of his final semester at Butler. He ultimately chose the Ducks over Oklahoma."

Ted Miller over at ESPN gives his perspective on the announcement that Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the Ducks.

Miller says, "Kelly, 45, without question, is one of the sharpest offensive minds in the country. His spread-option at Oregon has been a thing of beauty."

"That offense has established 24 school records, including scoring, rushing yards and total offense, over the two seasons since Kelly bolted New Hampshire for Eugene. The Ducks have scored 50 or more points in 10 games since he arrived."

The biggest question remaining in my mind is, can Kelly lead? It's one thing to run the offense, it's quite another to have young men respect and believe in your overall abilities.


Friday, March 13, 2009

ESPN Video on Mike Bellotti Stepping Down

Here is the video ESPN has on the change.


Chip Kelly is Oregon's New Football Coach

It was confirmed today that Mike Bellotti has stepped down as head coach for the Ducks making room for offensive coordinator Chip Kelly.

Multiple news outlets state that Bellotti will be an adviser to AD Pat Kilkenny until he takes over that role on July 1st and Kelly will become the head coach on March 30th, the first day of spring practice.

A new era begins.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has a nice piece on Nick Reed at Oregon's Pro Day, which was held yesterday.

“The last two months have been like fall camp,” Reed said. “This was my Game Day.”

Nick brought his "A game" to Autzen. "He ran a 4.71-second 40-yard dash, the best of any of the linemen at the workout. Scouts also clocked Reed at 6.96 seconds in the three-cone drill, a time only slightly slower than that of running back Jeremiah Johnson."

Personally, I think he will be rewarded for all of his efforts during this years NFL draft.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley was over at the Mo Center yesterday where the coaches were holding winter conditioning tests.

The 40 yard dash was one of the drills and there was at least one speedster that probably wasn't expected to be among the top three.

Really no surprise to see receiver Jamere Holland and running back LaMichael James on the list (4:40 & 4:44 respectively) but Linebacker Eddie Pleasant (4:44)?

These were all hand timed but still, pretty impressive. Especially for Pleasant.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Oregon will hold it's annual Pro Day on Thursday. Players will go through the same drills that took place last motnh at the NFL Scouting Combine.

It will be a last chance for players who were not invited to make their case. Players who were invited will be there as well as those that weren't, including Nick Reed.

Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports takes a look at the countdown for running back Bryce Brown. Brown will announce his decision on March 16th and has stated that his choices have been narrowed to Tennessee, Oregon, LSU and Kansas State.

Dodd's best guess is that "Bryce has narrowed his choices to Oregon and Tennessee. Based on conversations I've had, the kid is very interested in how he will be promoted. Oregon has at its disposal the Nike marketing machine."


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Bruce Feldman at ESPN takes a look at his "top 10 newcomers to remember." Coming in at number six is Oregon's LaMichael James.

Feldman calls James a "spectacular change-of-pace back who appears set to be the newest weapon coach Chip Kelly unleashes."

In the continuing guessing game on who will coach the Ducks in 2009, Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune has an interview with head coach Mike Bellotti. Bottom line, Eggers says, "the educated guess here is that he’ll be back for a final hurrah in 2009."

Ted Miller at ESPN is leaning the other way in his piece on the subject. "I'm still not sold. Too many things have happened -- staff changes, for one -- that suggest Kelly takes over this spring."

Which ever way Bellotti decides, it won't be long. A final decision should be coming in the next two weeks.


Monday, March 09, 2009

3D Interactive Baseball Card

This isn't like any baseball card you had when you were a kid.

Topps introduces the world's first 3D live baseball cards. Simply "hold the special 3D Live card in front of a webcam and watch a three-dimensional avatar spring to life, rotate the card and the figure rotates in full perspective."

Pretty cool stuff!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The Oregon baseball team won the opening game of their double header yesterday against Santa Clara, 12-3. The second game was postponed due to darkness and will be made up today at noon. The score was tied 2-2 going into the top of the 8th inning.

Ted Miller of ESPN takes a look at Jeremiah Masoli and likes his serene attitude. He also calls Masoli one of the "Pac-10's most entrenched quarterbacks." Be sure to check out the article as Miller seems quite impressed by the unflappable Masoli.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Aaron Brooks has a good night!

I bet the Oregon men's basketball team wish they had Aaron Brooks for this afternoons game against UCLA. Last night the Houston Rockets beat the Phoenix Suns 116-112 and Brooks scored 30 points to lead the Rockets to victory.

At the time of this post UCLA is up by 20 with 3:20 left in the game. Maybe something special will happen in the Pac-10 tournament, or maybe we'll have to wait for next year. Either way, enjoy the clip and watch Brooks burn Shaq for 2 right at the end.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Do you have the day off? Catch the Ducks take on Santa Clara at PK Park(2pm). You will be glad to know, as an added bonus, Dennis Dixon is expected to throw out the first pitch.

Rob Moseley is previewing running backs on his blog. He expects LeGarrette Blount to be back in the fold by the start of spring practice. The biggest question mark is who will be his side kick. Andre Crenshaw (Sr), Remene Alston (Jr), or LaMichael James( Rfr)?

Over on Addicted to Quack "jtlight" has a nice run down of who will be competing for the receiver positions.

Can you smell it in the air? Spring ball is getting closer.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ask any Duck fan about their favorite moment in Oregon football and images of Kenny Wheaton returning a Damon Huard pass 94 yards for a touchdown against Washington in 1994 comes to mind.

George Schroeder has a nice article about what Kenny is up to these days. He was in Eugene recently setting up the Kenny Wheaton Foundation.

The foundation will help kids with financial needs by sponsoring them for sports camps, band camps, buying uniforms or school supplies.

Read Schroeder's entire story for a most unlikely chance encounter at the Portland airport.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley is starting his spring positional previews and starts out with junior Jeremiah Masoli.

While every position is "open" to begin spring practice, returning starters usually start out at the top of the depth chart.

I seriously doubt whether anyone will take away Masoli's job. He came out of nowhere last year and proved he was the man. He is one of those players that takes control and makes everyone around him better.

Others vying for his job will be Justin Roper(jr), Nate Costa (jr), Darron Thomas(soph) and Robbie Pestal (rs-fr). If Masoli stays healthy everyone else will be on mop up duty.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Oregon 79, Oregon State 69

Here are interviews with Tajuan Porter, Joevan Catron, Ernie Kent and Craig Robinson after the Ducks defeated Oregon St. last night at Mac Court. There are a few highlights mixed in with the interviews. Second straight win for the Ducks, final score 79-69.

In football news, Rob Moseley has an admittedly early look, at projecting the depth chart for the football team.

In baseball, Oregon was defeated by Fresno St, 10-3, but Andy Kreitz makes it into the record books as he hit the first homerun by a Duck out of PK Park.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley reports that one of the possible replacements for center Max Unger is redshirt freshman Hamani Stevens.

Stevens informed coaches earlier this week of his plans to leave the U of O at the conclusion of winter quarter to take a two-year Mormon church mission.

Stevens said he intends to rejoin the Ducks for the summer of 2011. Coaches knew that this might be a possibility when they signed him but Bellotti backs the decision.

Know any 1st-8th grade school kids? Here is something fun for them to do next Saturday March 7th. Ra'Shon Harris and Jordan Kent will be holding a two-hour football camp at Autzen Stadium from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The camp is presented by Kidsports.

Participants are encouraged to bring two cans of non-perishable food items for Food for Lane County. Go to Andy Mac's article to sign up.