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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oregon vs Oregon St. Video Highlights

As promised, here are the scoring highlights from the game yesterday. My capture device recording file had an encoding error so I had to resort to my old method of video taping the television recording. Not quite the quality but the best I could do. Enjoy


Weekly Poll Results

The results are in and if you chose "Bloody, dismembered Beaver tail is placed at the 50-yard line to conclude the 212 dismantling of the Beaver Rose Bowl dream" then you are a winner.

Big thanks to Dave for coming up with his unique poll questions and it wasn't far from the truth either.

When I know for sure what bowl we are going to and who the opponent will be I will start a new poll.


2008 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 14 (Nov. 30)

The new poll is out and Oregon moved up in both the AP (#19 to #16) and the USA/Today (#18 to #14). The Schmeevers fell in both polls, from #17 to #25 in the AP and from #17 to #24 in the USA. I will update the new BCS standing for Oregon later today.

**Update** We rose to #19 in the BCS poll.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oregon 65 - Oregon State 38

The Ducks completely demolished the Beavers yesterday as Oregon rolled up 694 yards of total offense. The game wasn't as close as the score would indicate.

Both Jeremiah's, Masoli and Johnson, dominated the Beavs for four quarters. It was an awesome performance and a fitting way for the seniors to go out in style.

We had a great time over at Chris and Jolene's place (thanks for the grub and good times guys!) and what a show our Ducks gave us.

I could put up a ton of stats but I would rather just say thanks for a great season guys. You stuck together, played hard and when it came down to the finale, you saved your best for last.

We will probably go to the Holiday Bowl and the likely opponent would be Oklahoma State. Bring on the Cowboys!


Oregon vs Oregon St. Preview

It is a time of civil unrest, a war looms in the state of Oregon. The Ducks and Beavers will enter the battlefield today at 4pm.

Have you ever visited Reeser Stadium dressed in Oregon colors? You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. And who will emerge as the victor from the smoldering ruin in Corvallis?

The Ducks of course, and here is why. With two weeks of rest and practice, the Ducks will enter this game well prepared. OSU running back, Jacquizz Rogers, is out for the game and Lyle Moevao, who has been out for the last three games with a bum shoulder, will start at QB.

Our secondary, which was heralded at the start of the season, hasn't lived up to expectations. Not today. This will be their shining moment. Look for at least 3 picks. And our run defense? No more fly sweep game winning TD's today. We have had ample time to prepare for that play.

On offense, Masoli has found his rythym as the leader. Good decision making, smart play calling and a mix of short passes with the threat of him running the ball will keep the Beavers off balance. Add the power of LeGarrette Blount and cunning of Jeremiah Johnson running the ball and this game won't even be close.

I know, the odds makers have favored the Beavs by 3 points. On paper they are the better team according to the stat guys. They have home field advantage and the inside track to the Rose Bowl. It matters not.

Today, the Force is with the Ducks, and a powerful ally it is.

Oregon 42 - Oregon State 30


Friday, November 28, 2008

Dennis Dixon for Heisman

I know it's a year late but this was just too funny not to share. If you haven't seen it be sure to watch. Love the part at the end about Nebraska's defense, hilarious.


3 Reasons Oregon Will Win the Civil War

I didn't make this video but it is pretty fun and I like his reasoning. Enjoy!

Warning: Some of the lyrics in the music are not suitable for young Duck fan ears.


Broiled Beaver Tail

This tid-bit from the old time trappers will be tasted by very few of the younger generation. Broil the beaver tail over hot coals for a few minutes (or in one of those new electric ovens). The rough scaly hide will blister and come off, leaving the tail clean, white and solid. Then roast or broil until tender. This is considered a very strengthening food (use only young* beaver). For a special treat, cool, souse in vinegar, add raw onion rings, salt and pepper to taste.

*Personally, I prefer the ones from Corvallis area. A feast fit for a team of Ducks.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Beaver Jokes

I posted this back in 2006 right before the Civil War. It still gathers more "hits" than any other search term used to find this website....hmmmm.... I wonder why? Enjoy!

I've always felt that being a Beaver prepares you for life. You learn not to expect too much.

Why is a tornado and a Beaver divorce similar?
You know someone is going to lose a house trailer!

What does a Beaver say to a Duck at MacDonald's?
"Do you want to Supersize that?"

An OSU student walked into a bar in Eugene and ordered two beers. After he paid for the beers he drank one and poured the other one all over his right hand. The bartender was curious to what he was doing so he asked him, and the OSU student replied "I'm trying to get my date drunk."

One day at the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter was greeting new comers. The first man was a brilliant engineer Boston College, so he and St. Peter talked about the great structures and buildings of the world. Next was a mathematician from Harvard, so they talked about the most complex mathmatical problems in the history of civilization. The third guy had an IQ of 78 and a six pack in his right hand and St. Peter says, "How 'bout them Beavs!"

What's orange & black and goes 100 mph?
A Beaver in a blender.

Why wasn't Jesus born in Corvallis?
God couldn't find three wise men or a virgin.

How do you make a OSU graduate leave your house?
Pay him for the pizza.

What's black and blue and goes tha-dump, tha-dump, tha-dump?
A Beaver in a dryer.

Why don't they raise chickens in Corvallis?
They plant the eggs too deep.

How do you keep a Beaver out of your front yard?
Put up some goalposts.

Why do OSU graduates put their diploma on the car dashboard?
So they can park in the handicap spots.

Why did OSU decide to put Astro-Turf in Reser Stadium?
To keep the cheerleaders from grazing.

What do you get when you breed a OSU Beaver and a Groundhog?
Six more weeks of bad football.

What does a OSU woman tell her lover when she's done with sex?
"Get off me, Dad, you're crushing my smokes!"


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I just wanted to wish my family, friends, and blog visitors a very Happy Thanksgiving. Drive safe and enjoy the holiday!

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Good news from practice yesterday. LeGarrette Blount was a full go and said he felt fine. He missed Tuesday with what he described as sinus problems and slight chest pains.

The medical folks ran a complete series of tests and could find nothing wrong. I expect big things from Blount on Saturday.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nick Reed Named to 2008 ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America Team

It was announced today that Nick Reed has won this award for the second year in a row.

The Pac-10 sacks leader, who ranks seventh in the nation with 0.91 per game this season, maintains a 3.44 GPA in History and will complete his degree by the end of fall term.

He was the only Pac-10 player among the 24 first team selections. See the rest of the winners at ESPN. Congratulations Nick!

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

LeGarrette Blount missed practice yesterday. On the daily injury report he was listed as "sick."

When other players were talking about Saturday's game they sounded as if Blount would be playing.

The combo of Jeremiah Johnson and Blount is a huge plus for the offense. I think the offense as a whole, plays more effectively with both of them in the lineup.

Hopefully it is just a 24 hour bug and he will be back today.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 Questions for Coach Mike Bellotti

Five questions for Mike Bellotti

Courtesy of Jacques Von Lunen at the Oregonian.


2005 Civil War Flashback

Oregon senior CB Aaron Gipson has a career game on senior day during the 2005 Civil War. Aside from this pick six he also had a 2nd interception and almost had a TD on a fumble recovery. Gipson led the nation in INTs in 2005. Oregon won the game 56-14.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Practice was closed yesterday, as it will be all week, which is typical for Bellotti teams during Civil War week.

The team usually has it pretty easy on Mondays but not this week. With the extra time off because of the bye, yesterday was more like a Tuesday practice and it will get more intense each day this week.

A couple of the guys who have had nagging injuries of late, guard Mark Lewis and cornerback Walter Thurmond III, were both in pads, as was defensive tackle Tonio Celotto.

The Beavers on the other hand, didn't schedule a practice. I guess they believe it's going to be a cake walk against the Ducks.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Poll Results

I ended this poll earlier than normal because Dave thought it was pretty weak for Civil War week. It was unanimous though, with the Ducks getting all 18 votes.

Dave suggested some unique choices for a poll with the same question, "Who is going to win this years Civil War?" Be sure to check out his "choices" in the new poll and cast your vote.


Toilet Bowl Flashback

Who can forget the 1983 Civil War. We try to, but guys like me never let it rest. Actually, this played during the halftime show of the 2006 Civil War television broadcast.

You won't see anything like this during the game this year because the Ducks are going to roll the Beavs.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Here we are Duck fans, Civil War week. There is a lot at stake for both programs. An Oregon win means a shot at a very good bowl game. If OSU wins they go to the Rose Bowl.

Both teams are in the top twenty. We haven't had a Civil War with this much at stake since 2000 when OSU won in Corvallis to keep the Ducks from going undefeated in Pac-10 play.

This rivalry usually favors the home team. You can usually throw out the regular season standings when trying to predict a winner. OSU broke that streak last year when they won in Eugene in OT. The last time Oregon won in Corvallis was 1996.

Here are a few things in the Ducks favor. Jeremiah Masoli has matured in his role as the leader and gets better each week. Oregon has had an extra week of rest and the injury list is short. Three key Beavers are not doing so well.

OSU quarterback,Lyle Moevao, has a bum shoulder, running back, Quizz Rodgers, hurt his shoulder and won't even practice for a couple of days and his brother James, another runnig back, is battling a turf toe injury. The Beavs should be worried.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 13 (Nov. 23)

The new poll is out and Oregon moved up in both the AP (#24 to #19) and the USA/Today (#22 to #18)without even playing. The Schmeevers are just ahead of us in both polls again after their narrow victory yesterday against Arizona. I watched that game and wasn't impressed. Shaping up to be a grand battle at the Civil War.

**update** Oregon is listed at #23 on the BCS poll


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Jerry Matson levels OSU kick returner Harvey Whiten during the 2003 Civil War. The Ducks went on to win the game 34-20. Expect more of the same next Saturday. By the way, Whiten did get up under his own power and walk off the field.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Remember the Ducks last victory in the Civil War? It was 2005 at Autzen Stadium. It was cold, damp and very foggy, but Oregon came through with a huge win. I want to see another win like this next week.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Freshman RB LaMichael James dazzled everyone in practice yesterday. In the rookie scrimmage, he ran around and through the entire defense to score on a 10-yard run.

The 5-foot-9, 180-pounder from Texarkana, Texas, started the final play of the scrimmage with a run to the right side before reversing, spinning to the left sideline and reaching the end zone.
The run drew big cheers from the first-team offense watching on the sideline.

Enjoy the bonus highlight video from his high school days. I think we have a lot to look forward to from James.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Following on the heels of fellow teammate Andrew Iupatis, it has been reported by, junior college wide receiver, Lavasier Tuinei (pictured) has committed to play for Oregon. He is listed at 6'6", 195 lbs. and plays for Huntington (CA) Golden West Community College. He played his high school ball at Hamilton Heights in Westminster, CA.

Redshirt freshman LaMichael James, who is emulating the Beavers’ Quizz Rodgers, gave the defense a chance to practice against that style of running back yesterday. According to Rob Moseley, the offense looked particulary sharp yesterday during 7 on 7 drills.

If you have a couple of minutes check out this article by Andy McNamara over on the Duck Feed. He makes his case on why LeGarrette Blount should be recognized (but probably won't be) for what he has accomplished in a part time role. Pretty impressive numbers.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

As reported by, junior college defensive tackle Andrew Iupati (pictured) has committed to play for Oregon. He is listed at 6'1", 295 lbs. and plays for Huntington (CA) Golden West Community College. He played his high school ball at Western High in Orange County, CA.

The weekly Pac-10 teleconference was yesterday and when coach Bellotti was asked who he favored in the Oregon St. - Arizona game he said he is rooting for the Beavers. “We want the Civil War to have the most importance possible,” Bellotti said. His reasoning? The Beavers would be 7-1 in the Pac-10 and playing for a Rose Bowl berth when the Ducks come to play on Nov. 29.

I totally agree. How sweet would it be to keep the Beavs out of the Rose Bowl by crushing them in Corvallis. It would make up for the last two games we played against them.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

For the second time this season, Jeremiah Masoli, has earned the Pac-10 offensive Player of the Week.

Masoli, a sophomore from Daly City, Calif., led the Oregon offense in the Ducks’ 55-45 win against Arizona.

Masoli accounted for 387 yards total offense and five touchdowns as he completed 21 of 26 passes (80.8%) for 298 yards and two touchdowns covering 44 and 65 yards with no interceptions.

Masoli also rushed 10 times for 89 yards (8.9) and three touchdowns of 66, 6 and 5 yards. Oregon put up 55 points and piled up 504 yards total offense (206 rushing, 298 passing).

Great job Jeremiah. Now, go beat the Beavs!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Bye week Monday's are typically a slow news day but coach Bellotti held his Sunday teleconference and said the Ducks would be doing some light conditioning today, a no-contact practice tomorrow, slay the Beavs prep on Wednesday, and then a rookie scrimmage on Thursday. The team will enjoy Friday and Saturday off.

There are a few players nursing light injuries but everyone should be well rested and healed for the Civil War battle.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arizona vs Oregon Highlight Video

As promised, here is your highlight reel.


Weekly Poll Results

The results are in, and the groups who voted for either "Ducks win by 7 or less" or "the Ducks win by 14-21 points" were winners. I messed up and should have had a 8-21 point spread, my bad.

I have added the new poll for the Civil War game on Nov. 29th. This one will be pretty simple, who will win the game, the Ducks or the Beavers? Let the voting begin.

2008 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 12 (Nov. 16)

The new poll is out and Oregon moved into the top 25 in both the AP (#24) and the USA/Today (#22). Notice that the Beavs are just ahead of us in both polls. It ought to be an entertaining Civil War.

**Update- #24 on BCS**


Oregon 55 - Arizona 45

Jeremiah Masoli accounted for five Oregon touchdowns in leading the Ducks to a 55-45 triumph over Arizona yesterday. Oregon outscored Arizona 45-17 in the first half and the Ducks racked up 411 total yards.That provided fans with 30 minutes of near flawless football on both sides of the ball. It kind of made me wonder what might have been if they had played like that all season.

As impressive as the first half was, the second half was just the opposite. The offense couldn't move the ball and the defense ran out of gas. We couldn't stop the Willie Tuitama/Rob Gronkoski show as they hooked up time and time again. Arizona wouldn't give up and they just kept scoring. Give them credit for clawing their way back into the game and getting within three points, 48-45.

It wasn't over until the defense made a valiant stand with about 5:30 left in the game on a Wildcat fourth and three pass play that went incomplete, giving Oregon the ball at the Arizona 45 yard line. On first down, LeGarrette Blount rushed for 5 yards. Then on second and five Blount broke free and streaked 40 yards for the clinching touchdown.

All in all it was a solid win. The new unforms were well received, the weather was beautiful for mid November, Autzen was alive with an energy that everyone could feel, the seniors went out in style and I haven't had that much fun at an Oregon game in a long time. It was a special day. I will post a highlight video later today. Next up, after a bye week comes the Civil War on Nov. 29th in Corvallis.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Arizona vs Oregon Preview

Here we go Duck fans. The last home game of the season promises to be a big test.

Both teams matchup well and the odds makers have picked Oregon by less than a touchdown but I think it will be closer than that.

Our season fell apart last year against Arizona when Dennis Dixon went down early in the game, starting a three game slide at the end of the year. Three years ago they took out Kellen Clemens. The Wildcats have won the last two games.

You can bet this years Ducks remember it well and will look to end this trend. Today is senior day and I believe our team and fans will be pumped up. The weather is supposed to be nice, the expectations of a new uniform and a 3:30 PST start in Autzen all add up to an exciting afternoon.

Arizona, behind senior QB Willie Tuitama and his favorite receiver, Mike Thomas, will try to test the Duck backfield. Their running game is pretty ho-hum and they have tended to fumble quite a bit so I think they will rely on the pass.

Oregon will do just the opposite. Jeremiah Johnson should have a huge day as it is his last chance to play before his home crowd. LeGarrette Blount will join his party with a score or two but I think Johnson will get the most touches. Jeremiah Masoli will throw a few passes but the run will be our bread and butter.

The number one thing today has to be taking care of the ball. We can't afford four turnovers against the Wildcats and expect a victory like we squeaked out against Stanford last week. Special teams and kicking need to have a good day but the defense will be the key to the game. I think our guys will play inspired football today and I am excited to see it happen.

My prediction:

Oregon 27 - Arizona 24


Friday, November 14, 2008

Oregon's Black Helmet on ESPN

Oregon's new "black" helmet made it onto ESPN's College Gameday Live show today. Here is the clip. Enjoy!


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Oregon's new black helmet is on its way to the ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn., for an appearance on Friday's edition of College Football Live (ESPN, 12:30 p.m. PT). I am going to test out my new capture card and post the segment here later today if it turns out well.

Want to help the U of O win $10,000 for its general scholarship fund? Voting is open until early Dec. 6th and the winner will be announced the same day during a Fox Sports Net Pac-10 football game. There are eight, Pontiac Pac-10 Game Changing Performances competing for the Grand Prize. The winner will be named Pontiac Pac-10 Game Changing Performance of the Year. The Duck's have 3 of the 8 videos posted, just click here.

A couple of notes on the upcoming game. It looks like redshirt freshman CB, Javes Lewis, will get the honor of wearing #29 this week and Coach Bellotti has named Morgan Flint as the placekicker over Matt Evensen for the second week in a row.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Here's a picture of the new "black" helmet the team practiced in yesterday. More dark green than the glossy black I imagined.

Jeremiah Johnson had a classic quote when asked if a new black uniform might make the Ducks look a bit more like the Beavers?

“I think I speak for the whole town of Eugene when I say, black goes better with green and yellow,” Johnson said. “That’s my whole take on it. Black and orange don’t even look right to me. If that’s their color, we take it and make it look better.”

More award news for Nick Reed. He has moved into the semi-finalist list along with seven others for the Lott Trophy. The next step is to make it into the final four. That list will be announced on Nov. 26th.

Another stellar group of recruits will be at the Arizona game on Saturday. Bob Rickert posted their names on his Duck blog yesterday.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rumors were flying all over the Duck blogs yesterday after a couple of sites posted a rather sketchy picture of a jersey.

Here is the link to a commercial website where they have (pictured) a line of new sweatshirts, hats and tees. They have the same type of "wings" on them so we'll have to wait until Saturday to see for ourselves.

Rob Moseley also heard that the Ducks will be testing some new black helmets today after the team got a peek at the end of practice yesterday.

KLSR has been named as the local channel for watching the game on television this Saturday at 3:30 PST. If you have a HD receiver with Comcast, you can watch the broadcast on channel 788 as well.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

There was an announcement yesterday about the upcoming game against Arizona. It will be on television locally, either on KLSR (Fox Comcast channel 5) or KEVU (Comcast channel 4). When the powers to be announce, for sure, which of these it will be, I will fill you in.

Pretty light practice yesterday, which is typical for a Monday, but the players spirits were high after their come behind win in the 4th quarter with time running out.

Jaison Williams was back with the number one offense along with Jamere Holland.

Remember the recruits that were at the game? Word is that the official visits for Bryce Brown and Craig Loston this past weekend went well. Both of them are five star recruits and Brown is the number one running back in the nation. Doesn't hurt that Chris Harper is a friend either.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

It was announced yesterday that receiver Drew Davis suffered a torn ACL at some point in Saturday’s win over Stanford, according to coach Mike Bellotti.

It was first thought to be a mild sprain, but an MRI showed the ligament tear. Davis was playing his first game as a starter on offense, in place of Jaison Williams, who will probably be back with the starters this week.

Concerning the Sunday night teleconference: Coaches thought about putting in Justin Roper during the game a few times, but “we decided to wait a little longer, and then it remedied itself,” Bellotti said.

Though LeGarrette Blount didn’t play in the first quarter, it wasn’t due to suspension, as was the case the week before.

Had Oregon’s final drive stalled at the 33-yard line, prior to Jeremiah Masoli’s 25-yard run, Bellotti would have had a hard time deciding whether Morgan Flint or Matt Evensen would try the 50-yard field-goal attempt.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stanford vs Oregon Video Highlights

As promised, here are all of the Duck scores from the game yesterday plus a few extra offensive plays.


Weekly Poll Results

The results are in, and the person who voted for LeGarrette Blount was the winner. Blount had 2 TD's giving him an edge over the other choices.

I have added the new poll for next weeks game against Arizona. Pick the winning margin from the choices available. Let the voting begin.

Oregon 35 - Stanford 28

LeGarrette Blount's 3-yard touchdown run (pictured) with six seconds left gave Oregon a 35-28 victory over Stanford yesterday.

Down 28-27 when Stanford scored with 2:18 left, the Ducks drove the field, highlighted by quarterback Jeremiah Masoli's 25-yard run and then Blount's walk into the endzone.

Masoli completed 11 of 21 passes for 144 yards and a touchdown for Oregon (6-4, 5-2 Pac-10). Blount ran for 90 yards and two scores.

The game should not have been this close. Untimely penalties and 4 turnovers continually put the ball into Stanford's hands, who had the ball for almost 40 minutes on offense. Credit the defense for limiting them to only 28 points.

Morgan Flint was 2/2 on field goal attempts and 3/3 on extra points, a big improvement in that department.

Arizona comes to town next week and hopefully the weather will be a little dryer. It was slightly damp yesterday to say the least. Video highlights coming later today.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stanford vs Oregon Preview

This promises to be a game that will come down to, who can make the least mistakes? Oregon has been like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this season. Brilliant at times, but then, not so much.

The Ducks have been inconsistent and have had the "meltdown blues" the last couple of games each of the last two years.

The forecast calls for wind and rain at Autzen making ball handling difficult as it was last week. Turnovers against us, and not capitalizing on opportunities created by our defense cost us the game against Cal.

Stanford has their problems passing and has a good running game, much like the Ducks. Stanford plays good "D" against the run but is very weak against the pass. Same for the Ducks.

As it usually does, the outcome will be determined by who can take care of the ball, take advantage of turnovers, have a good kicking game and not make mistakes on special teams.

Which Oregon team will we see today? As two touchdown favorites playing on our home field I hope to see the "Mr. Hyde" version today.

Prediction: Oregon 24 - Stanford 16


Friday, November 07, 2008

Duck Stuff: Evening Scoop

It looks like T.J. Ward gets the honor of wearing #29 tomorrow in honor of Todd Doxey.

It has also been leaked that the Ducks will be sporting green helmets.

If you are going to the game, you better have your rain gear on. There is a 90% chance of rain with gusty winds.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The Arizona game on Nov. 15th is going to start at 3:30pm it was announced yesterday. As far as watching the game on television? They are still working out the details and an announcement will be made sometime soon.

For the second straight season, senior defensive end Nick Reed has been named to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District 8 first team, as voted on by college and university sports information directors throughout the western portion of the United States and Canada. Great job Nick!

Yesterday evening coach Bellotti said Jeremiah Masoli had “a great day” and was “very good” when the coach watched him today.“You wouldn’t even know he was hurt,” Bellotti said. “I’m still not ruling out that we’d play more than one quarterback,” Bellotti said. “We may juggle the lineup at receiver, we may juggle the lineup on the offensive line.”

On the recruiting front, six prospects will be attending the game on Saturday. Bryce Brown, the consensus number one running back in the nation. From Wichita East High School. He's currently a soft verbal to Miami where his brother Arthur is a freshman but has Oregon on his list of possibilities.

Montrell Conner, he's 6' 2", 215lbs. and has good speed as well. Has a chance to be much more of a Blount type running back. From Monroe, Louisiana where he has given a verbal to Mississippi but again has the U of O in his sights.

Craig Loston, Another five-star recruit. Loston's listed as a safety by most of the services but he's more likely a linebacker at the next level. Loston's 6' 2", 193lbs. and from Aldine, Texas. At the college level think of a Patrick Chung type of player.

Curtis White. White's committed to the Ducks in 2010. He can play either tight end or defensive end. 6' 5", 240lbs. and yes, from Sheldon High right here in Eugene.

Charles Siddoway. Alabama, UCLA and a dozen other schools are also after Siddoway's commitment. The 6' 6", 340lb. offensive tackle is a monster at the high school level. He's ranked among the top twenty offensive tackles in the nation by everyone and says Oregon, Cal, and UCLA are recruiting him the hardest. He's also from Sheldon High.

Jaz Reynolds. Reynolds is a guy who goes and gets the ball. He's 6' 3" with a huge vertical leap, and decent speed. He's also from Houston, Texas and plays wide receiver.

I hope Oregon puts on a good show for these guys.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Practice was closed yesterday so there is limited news. A couple of injury updates though.

Jeremiah Masoli was in full pads and without a noticeable limp. Ed Dickson, who had tweaked his hamstring and sat out Tuesday was back in pads.

According to the trainer's report, Jamere Holland (ill) and Dion Jordan (knee) were set to sit out. Jordan had tweaked his surgically repaired left knee, but it isn't considered serious.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Indications coming out of practice this week seem to favor Justin Roper getting a bigger role on offense. Jeremiah Masoli's ankle sprain kept him from full contact drills yesterday and Stanford's defense against the run is stronger than the pass defense. Roper has better vision in the pocket due to his height, so if he has protection and does well in practice, I think he might start.

Drew Davis was ahead of Jaison Williams for the second straight day at tight end and he might get a start on Saturday as well. Chris Harper is competing against Jeff Maehl but Maehl seems to be ahead in this race to start.

Looks like the starting lineup on offense might be a little different this week. After last week's performance that might not be a bad idea.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get Out and Vote!

The kids from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA performing "You Can Vote However You Like," a parody to TI's "Whatever You Like". This made all the major network news a few nights ago. Be sure to get out and vote if you haven't already.

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Jeremiah Masoli sat out practice yesterday because of a slight ankle sprain suffered during the Cal game. Justin Roper ran the #1 offense and threw to some new faces.

Drew Davis participated with the first team and Chris Harper took reps ahead of Jeff Maehl. When asked, Bellotti said he would see how things worked themselves out before committing on the starting lineup for the game against Stanford.

LeGarrette Blount practiced with a protective club on his sprained right wrist. Both Masoli and Blount should be ready by Satruday and full go today at practice.

Earlier yesterday it was reported that the Nov. 15th home game against Arizona would not be televised. Late yesterday Pat Kilkenny announced that it will be picked up for either the 3:30pm or 7:15pm time slot. Hopefully it will be the earlier game. I don't know if my old bones can take a 7:15pm start this late in the year. Either way, plans will be finalized by Thursday.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Oregon coach Mike Bellotti held his weekly Sunday night teleconference yesterday and didn't have a lot of positive comments about the Ducks offensive play against Cal.

He was happy with the play of Terrence Scott, Max Unger and Jeremiah Johnson but everyone else on offense needs to step up. When asked about LeGarrrette Blount's absence during the first quarter, Bellotti said Blount was suspended for the first quarter for "not following team rules." When Blount did come in he sprained his wrist on one of his first carries.

Bellotti did have high praise for punter Josh Syria who averaged 47 yards per punt and free safety T.J. Ward (pictured.) Ward was credited with 13 tackles and Bellotti said he had "the most dominant performance I've seen this year - by anybody - in a football game.''


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oregon vs Cal - Big Hits and Scores Video

As promised, here is the video I put together of yesterday's game.


Weekly Poll Results

The results are in, and no one had the correct answer which was a tie between Masoli and Johnson. The question was "who gets the most td's against Cal?"

I have added the new poll for next weeks game against Stanford. You are asked your opinion on the same question as we had no winner last week. Let the voting begin.

Oregon 16 - Cal 26

Under dark skies the #23 Ducks fell to the Cal Bears yesterday. It was wet and windy with sloppy playing conditions in Berkeley.

The Ducks could not capitalize on five Cal turnovers getting just six points. While Cal turned three Oregon turnovers into 16 points.

Throw in bad snaps, untimely penalties, a dropped fair catch, missed extra points and field goals and you can see why we lost.

The offense couldn't move the ball through the air which let the Cal defense focus on the run. While we did have two scoring drives on the ground, for the most part, Cal was holding the Ducks on third downs and getting the ball back.

To be fair, it was a miserable day to hold onto or kick the ball. But both sides had to play in these conditions, Cal just did the better job and took advantage of opportunities.

I will put together my own highlight video ( a ton of big hits and good defensive plays) later today. The one in this post is ESPN's short piece.

The Ducks return home next week to take on Stanford.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oregon vs Cal Preview

Gameday folks, and this week we face one of the teams that always seems to give us trouble. Cal will be full of confidence as they have won the last two meetings.

Taking care of the ball, special teams, kicking, and limiting turnovers will decide the winner. Pundits figure it will be a close game (point spread at 3 in Cal's favor) and we can't afford to give away any points, such as field goals or extra points.

Keep Cal RB Jahvid Best in check and put pressure on QB Kevin Riley and this could turn out like last week, a big W for the Ducks. Their offensive line is hurting with 3 starters and 1 backup out for the game.

Much has been said about "nerves" among the Oregon players that will be playing in front of their family and friends. Two years ago, Dennis Dixon admitted after the game that he and some other Ducks had let their emotions get the best of them. Coach Bellotti has addressed this issue with the team this year and I think the players have listened.

Offensively, look for the Ducks to run right at the Bears. Keeping them honest with a few well placed passes will open up the running lanes. The weather figures to be a big factor with wind and rain so look for Oregon to keep it on the ground as much as they can.

I think Masoli will have another big game and I don't think it will be as close as the experts think. My prediction?

Oregon 38 - Cal 20