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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cal 84 - Oregon 92

The Aaron Brooks show continued Saturday night at Mac Court. While he was held to just 2 points in the first half, he lit it up in the second half scoring 20.

"The last couple of years, you haven't seen the real Aaron Brooks," said Malik Hairston, who added 19 points for the Ducks. "This is the real Aaron Brooks. He's a dominant player. He makes big shots and has a passion for the game."

Tajuan Porter had 15 points for the Ducks.

"We are playing in harmony this year," said Oregon coach Ernie Kent, who has his team off to its best start in 80 years. "Everyone knows that they can share the ball and still get their own numbers."

The Ducks were down 46-38 at the end of the first half. Coming out in the second half, Oregon clamped down on defense which led to their comeback. They never trailed after the 11 minute mark.

The Ducks are fun to watch again and this team has finally come together to show what they are capable of. Brooks is leading this team in more ways than one. He has finally realized that it takes a "team effort" to win games, not just a one man show.

Next week the Ducks travel north as they take on the Huskies on Thursday (8pm - FSN) and the Cougars on Saturday (7pm - FSN).


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