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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Fun...

but it ain't molar extraction...

The upper right rear molar I have been having trouble with since last August finally decided enough was enough yesterday.

Chuck & Dave came over to hang out for awhile yesterday and while they were playing Fight Night I started to get a few sharp pains and some throbbing from said tooth, nothing too serious at this point.

Dave leaves to do some visiting with other folk. Chuck & I head out to do a little shopping. About the time we hit VRC my little demon starts to rear it's ugly little self. Let's say, chewing on tinfoil feels better. A quick call to my quack dentist and 30 minutes later I'm in the chair of torture.

After 4 shots of Novocaine and an 1 1/2 of waiting my turn the "Evil Emperor" descends on his throne with the tool from hell (pictured). First they put a block of some questionable material in your mouth on the side they won't be working on to keep you from shearing off the fingers of your assailant.

Darth Dentist now proceeds to spend 20 minutes torturing yours truly. Besides the pressure that he used I think the worst part was the ungodly sounds, can we say "snap, crackle, pop".

If any of you are faced with a similar situation someday, demand anesthesia!

I am taking today off. The Vicodin is working pretty well but I don't think spending 8 hours talking on the phone will speed the recovery process. On a final note, the dentist, as I'm getting ready to leave, mentions to his assistant (Igor), "tell the bookeeper no charge for the extraction." I kid you not. Can anyone say "lawsuit".

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