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Saturday, June 25, 2005

PIC Of The New Truck

And a picture of the new truck. Posted by Hello

PIC Of The Dodge

Here is a picture of the Dodge before it was stolen. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Picture #2

Here is the 2nd picture Jolene sent me.



Here are the results from the GTA that happened to Chris & Jolene last week. Really bites that there are people who will do this.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Summer is Here!

The Wines Family
Sad as it may be, I have to deal with having the next 10 weeks off from work. Okay, I am not really that sad about my situation. I have a lot planned for this summer, which will probably make it fly by. Next week I have two camping trips...super awesome...and I will probably do some fishing. Following that I will spend three weeks at school writing the second year of our Watersheds Curriculum. We wrote and taught the first year of the curriculum this last year, and now we will embark on year two. It is kind of a pain, but it will look nice in my professional file. After writing the curriculum I will get back to camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and as many other outdoor activities as I can. I also plan on playing some poker over the next few months, hopefully making some extra money along the way. I will finish off the summer with a trip to Montana to be in a close friend's wedding. The wedding is in Whitefish, which is directly west of Glacier National Park, so I imagine that I will go backpacking while I am up there. Anyways, everybody keep in touch, and I will see you all shortly!



Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Boys will be Boys!

Watering the tree in the backyard. Since learning this, Will's potty training has become much easier. He is constantly having to go potty.

Wacky Tacky Hair!

Kids were just adorable at Dave's School Carnival held this last week. Judging by all the kids lined up waiting to get their hair done by the "stylists", it was the most popular attraction at the event.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Chris!

Hope you have a fantastic day Chris, you deserve it! Creeping up on the big 4-0. I know...when you are creeping up on that I will be creeping up on the 6-0..

Love, Dad

Happy Birthday Brother!

The Wines Family
Hi Chrissy Bear,

I just wanted to be the first to post a happy birthday message to my cool brother. Let's it is 2005...that makes him 34! Wow, I can't believe how good looking that 34 year old man is. Happy birthday deserve only the best.



Monday, June 06, 2005

Posting Frenzy...

You have probably noticed the total lack of posts this last week. No excuses on my part other than the usual, not a lot happening In the U of O football dept., the Yanks have been sucking it up (can you say fire K. Brown and get R. Clemens back) and I have been playing quite a bit at PokerRoom.

Finally got down to watching "A River Runs Through It" yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, wonderful movie. Also spent a couple of hours watching Tiger play some ho-hum golf and finishing 4 shots behind the winner. Char and I worked our butts off on Sat. putting in a veggie garden and doing other yard work.

That is about it for now, would like to hear from the other members of this little group. Thought Chuck might have posted a little on his experience at the McDonald theater, I know Dave is busy with these last few days of school. Adios for now...