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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ernie Should Pipe It

Sadly, I watched the Ducks play Illinois last night. It was one of the worst displays of shooting, rebounding, and general team play I have ever witnessed. Prior to the year beginning, I heard many sound bites with Ernie Kent talking about how great this team was going to be. He said they were oh soooo deep. He was so impressed with their athleticism. He said we were going to contend this year.

If this team is so deep, why do we only play our starters for the vast majority of the game? Johnson comes off the bench (he should start), but outside of that, we are looking at Taylor brick his shots, and Brooks struggle to move the ball. That is no good.

The team might be full of atheletes, but we are getting beat all over the floor. I think this team is out of shape. It is the only reason why we can't move the ball downcourt in transition. It is the only reason why we can't play with intensity from start to finish. They look tired, and beat after the first quarter.

This team will not contend for the Pac-10 this year, and that is final. I think Ernie needs to go. He has had a world of talent ever since he has been at Oregon, and has only played one decent team. A different coach should be able to take all of that skill, and push it into the national conversation.

See ya Ernie!


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