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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More on Movies

The Wines Family
Howdy Y'all!

Well, the next Oscar movie that I watched was "The Aviator" with Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, I never really liked Leo...then I watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." Since that time I have watched his movies with more enjoyment. Actually, before I saw that movie I wouldn't watch him because I thought he was such a mamsy pansy girly boy...I was wrong.

"The Aviator" was absolutely fantastic, and I believe it is now my favorite movie going into the Oscar season. It tells the complicated story of Howard Hughes, and the many exploits of his life. I am fascinated by movies that depict actual events...and the events that this movie depicts are often unbelievable. I thought that the acting was great, especially the actress who played Katherine Hepburn. I wasn't expecting this to be a movie that I would enjoy, but it was really great. I think Grandad should see this if he hasn't already just because of the aviation history.

"Million Dollar Baby" was also excellent, and "Sideways" was better than average. "Sideways" is a movie made for a generation that is older than I am, so I think to really appreciate it, you have to be old. "Million Dollar Baby" is a movie that anyone can enjoy, but I also believe it to be a movie that anybody could feel eh about. Watch it, and you will know what I mean.

I have yet to see "Ray" and "Finding Neverland." I think Johnny Depp (also brilliant in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape") is wonderful, and I am excited to see that show. I'm not that excited to see "Ray" however, I also wasn't really looking forward to "The Aviator." Now, if you have seen any of these movies, post your own response. What do you think? How would you rank the movies you have seen?

Dave's Ranking So Far

1) The Aviator
2) Million Dollar Baby
3) Sideways
4) Finding Neverland (not yet viewed)
5) Ray (not yet viewed)

See ya on the other side.


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