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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Just had to blow off a little steam today. I work for one of the largest financial companies in the world. They specialize in vehicle loans here in the USA with 8 million accounts. I am one of the chosen few (lol) who are lucky enough to man the phones to assist account holders.

At the beginning of December account holders were informed by mail if their accounts had ever been reported to a Credit Bureau, for among other things, for being over 30 days late. This was due to a new Federal Law that went to effect at the same time. To inform the account holders some brilliant company lawyer came up with the following: "NOTICE OF INTENT TO REPORT NEGATIVE CREDIT". Then below that "Date of oldest unpaid payment" followed by their next payment due, which in most cases was a date in the future.

Being as this is such a large organization there were 1 million such notices sent out. I would personally like to throttle the person responsible for this inane notice. Our average customer hold time before the notice was 12 seconds, for the last month it has averaged 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes the customer's become more and more hostile. You can imagine what a "pleasure" it is to greet these customers.

I, along with the other 500 customer service agents, have spent the last month explaining to the account holders that this notice is about something that happened in the past, not that they are being reported to a Credit Bureau on a payment that isn't due yet. I think I need a vacation from the phones.

Thanks for letting me spew...


p.s. Glad to see you "figured out" how to post a message Chuck!

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