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Monday, December 13, 2004

Computing 101

The Wines Family
Having a computer is becoming more and more of a mandatory need these days. Keeping it "tuned up" can be somewhat of a challenge for some folks.

There are tons of products available commercially but I have found that if you follow some simple procedures you can minimize the hazards of the internet.

First and foremost never download anything off of the internet that requires you to click on a "User Agreement" without reading it. Quite a few of these "agreements" you are clicking okay on are installing what is referred to as "adware" or "spyware". To get that cute screensaver or to be able to add smiley faces to your email etc. etc. these website require you to click okay on their agreements, read them carefully and if they say they are installing additional software don't do it!

Viruses, the other scourge of the internet, can be usually avoided by not opening attachments to emails without having a good anti-virus program running that is up to date.

There are 3 programs that are free that I use regularly to keep my computer free of adware, spyware and virus free. They are Ad-Aware, Spy-Bot and AVG Anti-Virus.If you install, update and run these programs once a week they will greatly increase your computer's performance and safety out there on the World Wide Web!

If you move your mouse over the above paragraph you will note that I have made Ad-Aware, Spy-Bot and AVG Anti-Virus hyperlinks, just click on those words and it will take you to their websites. Hope this article increases everyones computing skills just a little.

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